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Grow and scale your practice in 2023!

We offer a proven business strategy for therapists and coaches to launch a private practice where you can work from anywhere and make six-figures through active and passive revenue streams.

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We help therapists and coaches open their unique private practice with active and passive streams of income, work from anywhere, make your own schedule and six-figures. Our program offers you a proven strategy and the tools you need over the course of nine LIVE classes, and 1:1 coaching.

This program is only for mental health professionals and life coaches at this time.

  • Proven 6-Figure Strategy

  • Live Coaching Classes

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Active & Passive Income

  • HIPPA Compliant Tools

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Ability to work from Anywhere

  • Your Dream Practice!

  • Proven six-figure Strategy

  • Live Coaching Classes

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Active & Passive Income

  • HIPPA Compliant Tools

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Ability to work from Anywhere

  • Your Dream Practice!


Dynesha Henderson, LCSW

A licensed couples and family therapist trained at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, and

licensed in 2011 in the state of NY, and FL.

I started growing this business as a part of a vision I had to open a wellness focused practice that wasn't solely supporting clients, but clinicians as well.

I have deep knowledge and understanding of private practice and all of the nuances and needs.

I have extensive knowledge in clinical practice, business practice, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) and mental health, and my passion is sharing all of the secrets and gems that I have benefitted from over the years with others.

A licensed and Ackerman trained couples and family therapist. Licensed in the state of NY and FL.

I started growing this business as a part of a vision I had to open a private practice that wasn't solely based on traditional talk therapy.

I am an expert in Diversity Equity and Inclusion and mental health, and enjoy building successful businesses and teaching others the secrets and gems I have benefitted from over the last decade while in business and practice!

After working for schools, clinics and agencies as a therapist and clinical supervisor for many years, I knew 1:1 talk therapy and clinical supervision for the duration of my career was not going to work for me.

I have always been a creative, and I wanted to use all of my skills, so I began to build my creative ideas into service offerings in my practice. After testing the client markets, and figuring out exactly what people were in need of and wanted relating to mental health, my team and I began to perfect our unique practice.

As a result our brand has offered traditional talk therapy to thousands of clients. We have hosted international wellness retreats in 7 countries around the world and counting. We offer community and corporate workshops and consulting using a therapeutic approach our team of therapists have developed, an online store, and private practice coaching where I share all of the details we've learned along the way about opening and scaling a private practice!

We are offering our strategy, processes, resources and tools to any therapist who joins our Accelerator LIVE classes!

Our Accelerator Strategy


9 LIVE classes each with live question and answer opportunity.

We offer all of the information you need to go from concept vision to open practice with HIPPA compliant tools. For those that need more tailored conversation, we also offer 1:1 coaching that will give you more strategic feedback about your specific vision.



We discuss all things foundation from business entity options to where and how to set up and other resources that can help you. We help you with building a solid financial foundation with tools and forecasting, and we help you get clear on your active and passive revenue streams.



We will get clear on your market and niche in language, so that your ideal client can find you! In this phase we also discuss Electronic Health Records (currently required for practice), web presence, marketing channels and client funnels we have found that will bring you the most consistent business.



The final three sessions focus on the automation and management of required projects and tasks, and how to scale your business to the six and seven figure practice you have always dreamed of!


When you leave our accelerator, you will have a practice open and active for business with the ability to work from anywhere, with active and passive income streams!

Interested in 1:1

business coaching only?

If group coaching isn't for you, 1:1 private practice business coaching for therapists and coaches already in practice is offered. This is focused on growing, adding new services, or scaling an already existing business. During our initial strategy call, we will discuss your needs and an initial road map on how we would achieve your needs. If we continue our work together, we will implement the road map, and if it is not a right fit, the road map if yours to keep and implement on your own.

My number one goal with my coaching clients is to increase your revenue and income, while lessening the work for you!

Get started with our

FREE Private Practice Checklist

You can download our free six-figure business strategy checklist that will take you from concept to scaling your practice using our proven strategy.

In our LIVE classes, each section on the checklist is discussed in detail, giving you all of the tools and information and support you need to be successful in your practice! To receive our free checklist, Click the download button, and we will email it to you!


What is the structure of the program?

We offer a cohort style LIVE class model via Zoom. There are 9 classes offered in total. Classes are hosted once per week, usually over a 12 week period. Each class is 60-90 minutes, and will be taught in the order of our therapist business strategy curriculum. Each class will have a teaching portion and an opportunity for question and answer from the attendees.

When are classes held?

Classes are held one day each week. Typically on Monday evenings. This will also be discussed on your discovery call.

When are the cohorts for 2023?

  • December 5th, 2022 - February 6th, 2023 (Monday evening)

  • February 13th, 2023 - April 24th, 2023 (Monday evening)

  • May 1st, 2023 - July 24th, 2023 (DAY TBD)

  • August 7th, 2023 - October 23, 2023 (DAY TBD)

What if I miss a class?

It's best to make the live classes so you can ask questions, but we will have the classes available to you for replay. You can also use or book a 1:1 coaching as a replacement for a missed class

In the event you miss more than 2 LIVE classes, we invite and encourage you to join us in the next cohort's LIVE classes for free because we want people to leave our accelerator feeling equipped and confident in practice!

Group Coaching Vs 1:1 coaching sessions?

Group coaching is a great to way to acquire the information you need to get your practice up and running! You get to hear other's thoughts and ask questions in class, be in community with other clinicians also starting in private practice, and start your dream! Group coaching without 1:1 coaching is for the individual who desires to work more independently and apply the lessons we teach in class on your own.

1:1 coaching enhances what is taught in the classes. It allows us to discuss in confidentiality your specific business and the answers to the business strategy we discuss. You can receive support around your business's goals, challenges, needs and next steps.

We also offer 1:1 coaching for therapists already in practice who are ready to scale. Scroll up to book an initial strategy call for solely 1:1 coaching.


What therapists are saying about our coaching accelerator


Joseph Newton, LCSW

This program provided me everything I needed for setting up my own private practice.  I learned the fundamentals of a successful private practice, everything from what is the best practice software out there, to marketing, to the basics of telehealth and scaling. Even after starting my own private practice, my clients and I continue to benefit from this supportive relationship. 


If you are new in the profession, or if you have years of experience but want to learn the ropes of starting a successful private practice, I encourage you to reach out to Dynesha and see if Nesh Accelerator is the right program for you. 


Leanna Coppin, LMSW

I consider Dynesha a mentor. She has helped me open my business and see something in me I did not see in myself; a CEO.

I am still working towards my clinical hours in private practice with Dynesha, and have been able to open my business and leverage my other revenue streams like yoga and soundbathing until I can open my own therapy practice.

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